Sunday, 24 July 2011

What's inside my Glossybox: July 2011

     I've waited over two months for my first Glossybox & it has finally come! I had to try to control myself & not rip it all apart at first sight. I somehow found the patience to take photos as I opened it, so let's see what was inside my Glossybox...

For those of you who don't know what a Glossybox is, it's the UK's version of a Birchbox (US). You pay £10 a month to receive 5 deluxe samples of high-end beauty brands. On the website you fill out a little questionnaire style section so that they can get to know you & what kind of products you would be interested in, and then your Glossybox will be personalised to you. Because of this, everyone's Glossybox will be unique, and tailored to them. My favourite part is that the products you receive will be a complete surprise until the box arrives on your door-step!

    1) Ciate nail enamel: From the ergonomically designed bottle, the deliberately long cap for ease of use and the 250 bristle flat brush for long lasting, full coverage: Ciate takes exceptional care to make applying their beautiful enamel colours a pleasure.

     I was so pleased to see this full size nail polish in my Glossybox, I'd seen them before but have never actually owned one. The colour is a little out there for me, & I probably would have preferred the blue or nude shades that I saw in other peoples box's, but I'm hoping this shade will push me out of my box & get me to try out more vibrant colours. It's such a beautiful colour for summer, & makes a lovely addition to my little nail varnish collection.

Retails for: £9


      2) Illamasqua powdered metal in Ether: Powdered metal creates anything from a subtle sheen to an extreme metallic finish on the face and body. The shimmering pale gold adds radiance to bronzed skin, and highlights your skin where applied.


   I was so excited to see an Illamasqua product in my Glossybox, & the fact that it is full size makes it even better! I'm hoping it will give me the perfect extra bit of glow that I'm looking for in the summer months, & maybe even give me the confidence to rock a more daring metallic look. Fingers crossed that it makes it in to my monthly favourites!

Retails for: £22.50

     Orla Kiely eau de parfum: A charming debut fragrance by the acclaimed designer, the eponymous fragrance's light floral notes, with natural extracts of rose geranium and bergamot, are subtly balanced with fresh fig and a hint of chocolate.

     All I can think about is how adorable that bottle is, it's so tiny in my hand that I can't help but carry it around with me everywhere. It's a lovely scent, but perhaps not something that I would have picked out for myself. Nevertheless, it is going to be a staple item in my handbag all summer.

Retails for: £55 for 100ml (deluxe sample is 5ml)


Ultra sun face 30: Ultrasun's special Liposome formula protects skin from UV induced ageing. Apply it once a day for water-resistant sun protection that moisturizes, too. Perfect for face, next, decollete and hands, formulated without emulsifiers, fragrance or oil to reduce prickly heat.

     This item is definitely the most important staple product for the summer months, and admittedly I'm a bit of a sun-tan lotion avoider myself. I did actually try this out today & it doesn't give you that horrible sticky feeling, but instead feels more like a moisturiser that you can easily forget about for the rest of the day. Another amazing product for your handbag!

Retails for: £19 for 50ml (the deluxe sample is 15ml)

     Weleda pomegranate regenerating body oil: Weleda pomegranate body oil contains only pure plant oils. Rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidising vitamins, slather on this oil for more elastic, hydrated, smooth and supple skin. Suitable for vegans.

     This is the third product in my Glossybox that is full size! I've got to admit that I am not the biggest fan of the smell, but I have read reviews online & this bad boy seems to give amazing results!

Retails for: £19.95 100ml bottle

     I am so happy with my first glossybox, and I am definitely going to carry on subscribing! When you work out how much the products are worth together, the saving is amazing & suddenly that £10 seems like the best money you ever spent! Not only do you save all that money, but you also get given a few discount codes for some of the brands in your box. This month I got a 20% off at Illamasqua discount code, a Ciate offer where you can get a speed coat free if you buy two of their nail enamels, and a Weleda discount code to get £5 off when you spend at least £15.

     If you got a Glossybox this month, I'd love to know what was in it! Oh & I'd love to hear what your favourite Illamasqua products are, 'cus I'm probably going to use that discount code on a few goodies xo


  1. very nice! so you pay 10 per month and then you get a box every month?

    I am going to look into it and def sign up for it, you get so much for £10!!

  2. So nice! I've always wanted one of these, but since I live in the US I should look at the birchbox. Do you know if they cost 10 per month too?

  3. wow that sounds like something i want to do. how do u like everything that you got? thanks for this post!

  4. @hollicrombie just go to the Glossybox website & sign up, it's really easy :)


  5. Cant believe I didnt even know about this. paint pots are my new obssession.

    Helen, X