Thursday, 21 July 2011

Packages: Mac & Sigma

     So I did a little bit of online shopping. Naughty, I know! Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick blog post for you guys showing you what I bought, 'cus a few people on twitter were asking.
     From Mac I ordered brush cleanser, full eyelash curlers, travel-sized fix+ & an empty 4 pan palette. I have filled it with Naked Lunch, Woodwinked, Patina & Satin taupe, all of which I already owned.

         From Sigma I ordered four brushes, & got the miniature blending brush for free! So far I absolutely love them, so expect to see them in a tutorial soon!

     Sorry this wasn't very interesting, I just thought I'd show you guys what I've been getting excited about lately! What are your recent purchases? xo

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