Monday, 4 July 2011

My MAC palette & swatches

     Sorry that progress has been pretty slow lately. I've finally finished moving house, & my new camera is on its way in the post so the pace will be picking up soon. For now I thought I'd show you my beloved MAC palette.
1) Shroom                                       2) Naked Lunch
3)Sweet Lust
4) Cork                                          5)Wood-winked
6) Patina
7) Satin Taupe                                         8) Brun
 9) Aquadisiac

10) Da Bling                                 11) Knight-Divine
12) Carbon
Swatches from 1-12

     If you have any recommendations for my palette, please leave me a comment. What are your favourite MAC eye shadows?


  1. I love the name of number 2 and 3, Naked Lunch and Sweet Lust :)

  2. Im very jealous, I am wanting to buy so many of these eyeshadows! The first 7 are definitely some of my favourites :)


  3. Knight divine is gorgeous, and one i've never noticed!

  4. very nice...i love mac's tempting. and i really love cork. knight divine is one of the shadows i have really want from mac