Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Looking for Dr. Martens?

     Hi everyone! I know it's coming up to summer, but Dr. Martens are a classic regardless of the weather. Rubber sole is having a sale right now where Dr. Martens are down to £60. Not only that, but there is a discount code to get a further 20% off on the rubber sole website, so that's Dr.Martens for £48, not bad! I absolutely love them and they can really be that extra touch that your outfit needs.

   The website is www.rubbersole.co.uk and the code is SUPER20. Enjoy!

My Body Shop Obsession: the vanilla collection

     Hi everyone! So I've decided that seeing as I'm loving the Body Shop so much right now, each week I'm going to blog about my weekly favourite Body Shop product. To get the ball rolling I thought I'd start with an entire range, their vanilla range.
     I didn't even realise how much I love the smell of vanilla until I came across this range. I originally bought the vanilla body mist because of all the hype about it on YouTube, and I was not disappointed! The smell is so refreshing and not too strong, and it really lingers on my clothes for hours. It has such a clean smell and makes me feel fresh out of the shower all day. For only £7 it's so worth it & I keep it in my handbag for a little spritz when I'm on the go.
     Seeing as I was so amazed by the body mist, I went out & bought their vanilla eau de toilette which was £9 and comes in a little 30ml bottle. The smell is quite a bit stronger than the body mist as expected, so it lasts much longer. Their vanilla scent is perfect for the day time and I've even ditched my Chloe perfumes for it, which is saying something! I like that I can chose between using my eau de toilette and body mist, depending on what I'm doing that day. Compared to the price of most fragrances they're both ridiculously cheap & I am definitely hooked!
     So of course, I went and rushed out to buy the vanilla bath & shower gel, as well as the body lotion. This week they also brought out their new range of DUO body butters, and I noticed that there was a vanilla one so I picked it up. These new duo body butters are great because they are divided in to two sections, one for dry skin and the other for normal skin. This is perfect if you're like me & you're skin gets a lot dryer when it's cold, and for those of us who get patches of dry skin. I was already in love with the Body Shop's body butters, so it's not a surprise that I can't get enough of this one. They have such a lovely, creamy formulation, and feel like they are melting on to your skin. They are of course body butters, so they are fairly thick and need a little time to soak in to the skin fully. I use mine every night before I go to bed so that I wake up with amazing smelling, soft skin. Plus because it's new, right now they are selling them for £10, rather than £12.50, so you get to save a few pounds.
    If you're interested and want to shop online, there is a £5 off £20 voucher code for the website, and delivery is free if you spend over £20. Just type in BODY5 at the checkout. I also have a 'Love Your Body' membership card, which costs £5 to buy and gets me 10% off of everything I buy. Body Shop always seem to be doing some kind of offer, so if you're thinking about buying a few things, look around online for offers before you do. They were doing a 25% off discount code over the bank holiday weekend so I ordered two of the Vanilla and Tonka Bean scented candles, and the Vanilla and Tonka Bean home fragrance oil. My Body Shop Vanilla collection will be complete! I can't wait for the next vanilla product they bring out to add to my little family!